Connect Health

Hilton Birmingham Metropole
21 - 22 September 2017


Connect Health

Connect Health is the largest specialised independent provider of community musculoskeletal (MSK) services (including orthopaedics, pain and rheumatology) in the UK serving over 250k NHS patients and 75 businesses.

There is an urgent need to increase the efficiency and quality of care of MSK provision in the UK - both NHS and corporate sectors - by optimising care and reducing the inappropriate flow into hospitals. Connect effectively and efficiently delivers care in a lower cost community setting, transforming services around specific quality and financial objectives and dramatically reducing waiting times and access to treatment.

The organisation has enjoyed phenomenal recent growth, winning 8 out of 10 community MSK tenders. This success is based on a series of proven collaborations with the NHS, which is underpinned by evidenced and improved outcomes for the patient.

Connect prides itself on 5 strands of excellence spanning:

  • Efficiency - Highly effective pathways and operational efficiency
  • Clinical Expertise - exclusive provider of MSK and over 30 years’ experience
  • Financing Savings - Highly cost efficient when compared to traditional provision
  • Patient Outcomes - Unparalleled patient experience/outcomes
  • Innovative NHS Partnerships – transforming models of care

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